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Our commitment to our athletes is very important and we always strive to be the best for them.


"Para mi Teamtrainer es la inspiración y trabajo en equipo que necesito para correr muchas millas y cruzar mis metas"

Luisiana Rios -

Team Trainer for me has been a change in my life style. With the coach’s’ guide and the support of my teammates I have been able to achieve goal that seemed impossible"

Santiago Sanchez - Colombia

Teamtrainer is a group of amazing human beings that share the same passion. It’s like having a second family with whom you have fun, train, and act as a maniac. I love teamtrainer!

Claudia Lima - Peru

TEAM TRAINER has changed my life! Before joining the team I couldn’t even run a mile, and thanks to the coaching and support of my coach and teammates, I am now an ironman! I really enjoy my directed trainning, the coaches make all the difference!

Ana Toro - Mexico

TeamTrainer is an amazing way of becoming an Ironman because of it’s great feeling of camaraderie and vast experience of its coach and founder. The fact that we interact with diferente personalities from all over the world as teammates create a unique environment where we support each other.

Alejandro Arias - Colombia

Teamtrainer is a group of friends archiving goals

Lucky Maestu - Argentina